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As always, stay active, stay healthy. 3.png


My name is Amanda Handsbur and I am here to empower you to become a better YOU. As a Public Speaker and Personal Trainer, my vision is to create a support system that no only addresses immediate health concerns in leaders, but also fosters lasting lifestyle changes. 


I grew up with health being a top priority considering how family members around me suffered from heart disease or stress related illnesses due to their work environment and life choices. My goal is to empower as many leaders across the globe to take control of their overall health so they can continue being successful. I work with corporate clients, Higher Ed professionals and students, business leaders, non profit leaders and much more.

As a current doctoral student, I am researching burnout health trends in early career development professionals to educate about healthy habits.


I provide individuals with resources they need to prosper and flourish in their careers. Whether you’re needing assistance with stress management or help with nutrition, I am one of your biggest cheerleaders! 


Take a leap and faith and join me in helping create a healthier you. 

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